Industry : Transportation services

Technologies : Amazon S3, AWS Glue, Python, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft Excel

Stakeholders : CEO, COO, CRO

Solutions provided : Data security, Python scripts for automation and data quality.

Reliable Towing and Recovery Services: 24/7 Assistance for Vehicle Breakdowns and Accidents. Emergency roadside assistance on the highway. side view of the flatbed tow truck with a damaged vehicle


  • Scanning and cleaning each data file manually is very time consuming.
  • Manually uploading the new data into database is affecting production system performance and agent response times.
  • Data import process is sensitive to data formats, resulting in repeating the process even for minor errors.
  • Several business rules need to be followed while updating the database, making manual updates very inefficient.


  • Integrated data from various sources such as ftp sites, emails, and MySQL databases.
  • Automated cleanup and transformation of data according to business rules.
  • Implemented robust data quality rules to validate and ensure accuracy of the cleaned data.
  • Stored data in a well-architected data warehouse with Amazon S3.
  • Implemented robust security measures adhering to industry best practices to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of the company’s data.

Time savings – Equivalent to one full time employee

Eliminated risk of system performance degradation

Cost savings for IT with automation

Greater confidence in data with quality checks

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