Ram Prasad Niyogi

Business Analytics

Brief info

Ram Prasad Niyogi is a seasoned professional with 28 years of diverse industry experience across various domains. He has worked in multiple senior management positions in support and consulting, where he collaborated closely with clients to provide strategic insights and help them effectively leverage technology to achieve their business objectives.

Prior to joining QuaXigma, Ram Prasad Niyogi held positions at AVTEC Ltd. and other organizations, where he made significant contributions to the seamless operation of ERP systems. He was responsible for streamlining maintenance and inventory processes, ensuring uninterrupted business operations. Additionally, he gained extensive experience in the automotive industry, specializing in the management of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems.

His unique background with expertise in mechatronics and IT technologies, along with practical experience as a business user, provides him with a distinct perspective for comprehending business challenges and delivering solutions focused on customer needs.